Course Information

What will you learn:

All courses include a basic but detailed (downloadable) knowledge of Permanent Makeup (PMU), with practice packets mailed to you for practicing along with video demonstrations of the techniques with step by step instruction. All courses will need hand tools or a machine to practice with and can be purchased on the site.

The course outline includes

        1. Introduction to Micropigmentation/Permanent Cosmetics
        2. Business Set-Up
        3. Business Management and Liability
        4. Business Records and Paperwork
        5. Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control
        6. Practitioner and Client Safety
        7. Photography
        8. Appointment Protocols
        9. Color Theory and the Skin
        10. Pigment Theory
        11. Anatomy and Physiology
        12. Design Placement
        13. Application and Instrument Theory
        14. Technique
        15. Homework and Practice Pages or Skins

What we expect:

Be thorough when reading and make notes there will be tests after every chapter.

Do your research and ask questions in the comments box in every chapter. Your success is our success! You can never ask a wrong question.

There will be homework to be turned in to [email protected] to be graded by Antoinette.



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