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It's a sister team! Antoinette and Amber started their training program in 2008. Working together they have created top notch instruction in the Art of permanent makeup. Amber brought the knowledge base and Antoinette brought the creativity and together hope to help you become a fierce leader in your community. 

Antoinette is the owner of Permatech Makeup Inc., and has been in the beauty field since 1982. She trained in 1991 and took a rigorous course to become a certified CMI Instructor of The American Academy of Micropigmentation using some of the most advanced techniques out there today. She has mastered techniques and education in all forms of equipment. Antoinette specializes in advanced work such as the most natural Hair Stroke Eyebrows to Eye Shadow and under Eye Concealer. Permatech is one of the leading permanent makeup studio’s that has trained many of the top artists and entrepreneurs heading the PMU world today such as "Sheila Bella". Antoinette also spends much of her time working with cancer patients in her "Day of Hope" every year. After correcting many artists’ work, Antoinette decided to start instructing other artists who have already been certified to help them become masters at their craft. 


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