Through “The Artistry of Permatech” you will discover all the skills necessary to build a promising career in the permanent cosmetics field."

You can’t buy experience you live and learn it!

I believe in continual education as a permanent makeup artist, it is important grow in your field. Studying under many artists through the years, most recent Tattoo Remoov with Linda Paradise, Amore (ombre’) Eyeliner with Nhung Phan of Vietnam, Hydroblading (microstroking) with Soula Koutsoginnaki of Greece, and Ombre’ Powder Brows with Kristina Menlicenco of Las Vegas Nevada to name a few. Being one of leading permanent makeup instructors in Ventura County I want to share the knowledge with you.

Basic PMU Certification 

Online Courses

This is the first step to becoming a certified Permanent Makeup artist! These courses include extensive educational material as well as practice tools, and demo videos.  

All courses include a basic but detailed (downloadable) knowledge of the application of Permanent Makeup (PMU) or Microblading, with practice packets mailed to you for practicing along with video demonstrations of the techniques with step-by-step instruction. All courses will need either a hand tool or a machine to practice with recommendations for purchase.

A Natural Look (machine technique) 

Full Face Permanent Makeup Course


Microblading (hand technique) 

A Natural Brow Course


Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

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Hands-on Training

Book a workshop and put your practice to work for you. In this class, Antoinette or Amber will take you through a full day of model experience. She will teach you her tricks and specialized numbing technique. Procedures are done on-site at Permatech or Creative Cosmetics Ink. Maybe you're just having trouble, or do not have enough confidence to take on a specific client. This class is the solution.

Hands on classes at Permatech

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Specialized Education

Continuing Education and Master Classes. 

Powder/ Ombre Brow

Nano-Blading/ Micro-Stroking

Lip Blushing


Ask about these Courses

Get started today! Sign up and learn all about these courses. Opt-In, let us contact you to answer any questions and help you get started to take a course.

"“I was incredibly nervous coming in to perform my first ever microblading services on an actual client. I had worked a lot with the practice skins but I did not know what to expect for the real thing. Antoinette came in and was upbeat, excited, and comforting and it helped me to feel more relaxed and confident, and it turned out the entire procedure was simpler and much less scary than I thought, and my confidence increased with each new client. I admit I am still a little nervous going out on my own, but that is only natural and has nothing to do with the thorough training I received or my confidence in my abilities, and I feel far more prepared and confident and that I am up to the task thanks to Antoinette and Permatech Makeup, and their incredible training and guidance.” "


"Hands down, you are the best PMU artist and teacher a girl could ever hope to have!"

Love Sheila

"The course content was well organized, and clear, and I loved the online format, as it worked well with my sporadic, busy schedule and allowed me to take the course on my own time and from any location. "


"I feel very confident that I posses the academic and physical demands for this field because of your program!"


"This is the most descriptive and easy to understand Color Theory I've ever taken!"

Thank You Hillary

"Your program was time efficient and a wealth of information."


"I feel that I still received just as good of an education as I would have in person!"


"I received everything required to allow me to be successful in this new career."

Thank You

"Antoinette is a wonderful, caring, and dedicated instructor, and she answered any questions I had along the way, often with the turn-around time of one day or less, and helped to further clarify any topics I was struggling with."


"The program organized my training in a manner that allowed me to have all the knowledge and resources on which to build a multi-faceted client based service in PMU."


"I highly recommend this course and the online training format to anyone who is considering becoming a permanent makeup artist. "

Love Alia

'Lip Blush' Demo





  • Online Courses
  • Go at your own pace
  • Let information sink in
  • Video demonstrations
  • Practice tools & homework
  • Leave comments for us to answer
  • Receive a Certification of completion
  • Register in your county as a tattoo artist
  • Workshops to begin your training on live skin

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