Through “The Artistry of Permatech” you will discover all the skills necessary to build a promising career in the permanent cosmetics field."

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BASIC COURSES Certification Level I


Online/Onsite Courses

Before you are registered as a tattoo artist you need training. These courses include extensive educational material as well as practice tools, demo videos, chapter tests and homework to be turned in within a three month time frame measuring up to 8 hours a week. This is the first step to becoming certified in Permanent Makeup.

Microblading/ Natural Look/ Paramedical/ Scalp Pigmentation


Certification Level I Becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist

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LIVE WORKSHOPS Certification Level II

Already Registered Artists

Registered? Now its time for the real thing. Book a workshop and have a full 8 hour day of model experience on site at Permatech. Having trouble or just not enough confidence to take on a specific client? This class is the solution.

Certification Level II Hands on class here at Permatech

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MASTER COURSES Certification       Level III

Onsite Courses

Ready for fun! "Learning new and advanced techniques has always been fun for me, its like using a different paint brush."


Powder or Ombre/ 3D Feather Stroke/ Powdered Eyeliner/ 3D Lips                 Eye Concealer/ 3 Color Eye Shadow


Certification Level III Master Courses

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  • Online Courses
  • Go at your own pace
  • Let information sink in
  • Video demonstrations
  • Practice tools & homework
  • Leave comments for us to answer
  • ON SITE options for you if needed
  • Receive a Certification of completion
  • Register in your county as a tattoo artist
  • Workshops to begin your training on live skin.


FatBrow Tools

Use Creative tools to create beautiful eyebrows for each individual client.

 Learn how to map the face to create a symmetrical look.

 Advanced permanent make up equipment available.


"Your program was time efficient and a wealth of information. Your years of experience really shine in your program and in your work. I received everything required to allow me to be successful in this new career. You organized my training in a manner that allowed me to have all the knowledge and resources on which to build a multi-faceted client based service in PMU. "

Love Sheila

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